Among the particularities created by Vestri, there is the largest Cremino in the world, 393.8 kilos of sweetness, since 2015 in the Guinness World Records TM. The “BOGLIO” the jasmine chocolate refined with orange by Grand Duke Cosimo de ‘Medici that only the Arezzo-based company can produce and the “Toscolata”, the bar that is good for the heart. The latter is the result of a project financed by the Tuscany Region and conducted by CNR, the University and School Sant’Anna of Pisa and University of Siena. Plant products known for their antioxidant properties are added to the dark chocolate processed by Vestri, such as dried apples of autochthonous Casentino varieties and extra virgin olive oil. Thanks to bioactive molecules and valuable organoleptic qualities, Toscolata has shown that it can reduce the effects of some risk factors responsible for cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, many studies and investments have been carried out on nutraceuticals (word deriving from the terms nutrition and pharmaceuticals: nutraceuticals are nutritive principles of foods that have beneficial effects on health). Vestri in fact uses foods with peculiar properties in chocolate such as ginger, walnuts, maca, chilli, turmeric, curry and spirulina algae.

International Chocolate Awards

GOLD / “I Tocchi” Pistacchi e Uvetta, Gianduia Fondente sale & pepe
SILVER / Boglio, “Sfogliate” Sesamo e Sale Rosa dell’Himalaya, Ganache al Basilico, Cremino,
Cremino al Caffè
BRONZE / Vellutata al latte, Ganache all’arancino cinese

GOLD / Cremino, Praline al sale e sesamo
SILVER / Fiordiriso, Sfogliate sale dell’Hinalaya e sesamo tostato, “Tocchi” Pistacchi & Uvetta, Toscoiotto al sale dell’Himalaya
BRONZE / Boglio

GOLD / Cremino sale Miyakojima
SILVER / Pralina cipolla e aceto balsamico
BRONZE / La pura, Pralina sale e sesamo nero caramellato
SPECIAL / Pralina cipolla e aceto balsamico



Vestri also collaborates with Relais & Chateaux and with the best starred restaurants.