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The name Vestri has been linked to chocolate and the land of Arezzo since the early 1960s when Alberto and Marianna, Danielo’s parents, worked cocoa in a home-made artisan laboratory to place it on the biscuits they sold at the market. But the company, as we know it today, was founded in 1982 producing Easter eggs in a small laboratory in Arezzo. Danielo, a chemical expert, and his wife Stefania, a stylist and an art expert, have an ambitious dream: to conquer the hearts (and palates) of men, women and children.
A goal that drives them to in-depth studies and continuous research on refined chocolate art.
In a short time new machines arrive, the laboratory expands and after a few years the brand is associated with high quality artisan chocolate.

“Believing in chocolate is our motto, we believe in chocolate, in our chocolate, in its ability to enchant and seduce. For this we use natural, selected and top quality ingredients”.


In 2002, to guarantee a high quality raw material, the Vestri family decided to invest in the direct management of a cocoa plantation in the Dominican Republic. A way to follow the entire production process, “from the cocoa bean to the bar”, personally taking care of each step. In the Hacienda Vista Alegre plantation, the cocoa beans are collected by hand, left to ferment in cabirma wooden crates and then dried in the sun. Sourcing from the place of origin allows us to verify the methods used since the cultivation of the plant.

“We personally check where the raw material is born and how it is developed applying the ancient methods of extraction, fermentation and drying of cocoa, respecting a local tradition over 500 years old. No pesticides and chemicals are used on the plantation, to have a completely natural chocolate that reflects the characteristics of the terroir of origin”.

Guarantee of traceability, periodic on-site inspections, respect for the working conditions of all employees and protection of the natural fertility of the soil and animal and plant biodiversity.


In 2019 the company celebrated its tenth year of presence in Japan where the brand is associated with the top brands of the Italian way of life. In a demanding market that does not accept mistakes, Vestri chocolate is appreciated and requested for the quality and research of raw materials. Forty-eight stores from Tokyo to Okinawa, from Nagoya to Sapporo via Hiroshima, Yokohama, Fukuoka and Kyoto among the main centres.